Tuck shape: Move of the month

For the next few months we are going to be concentrating on our basic shapes which are the fundamental building blocks of gymnastics. Every move a gymnast does is made up of a combination of these shapes.

Tuck shapeStep 1: Tuck shape

Sit on bottom clasping the knees to the chest. Legs tight together. Point the toes to the floor. The back should be curved. Practice pulling legs up towards the chest without wobbling around.

Curled up tightStep 2 – Rocking in Tuck

Once the gymnast can pull into a tuck shape it’s time to try rocking backwards and forwards.

This is much more difficult than it looks as it takes a lot of core strength and head control. It’s difficult to rock back under control without putting your hands down – try it yourself.

The chin must be kept tucked in and the knees clasped tightly. Practice rolling backwards and forwards keeping in a tuck shape without letting go of the knees or rolling out to the side.

Rocking motion from curled up Step 3: Three rocks and stand up

This time the gymnast is encouraged to do three big rocks. Then, on the third one, rock forward on to their feet to stand up. The hands should not be put down to push the body up but pushed forward into the air so that they end in the finish position.


  • Thanks to Jess for the demonstration and to Milly for the photos

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