Lunge: Move of the month

We’ve been working a lunge position for a little while now, writes coach Becca.  If you came to parents’ viewing you may remember the seesaw action song (your gymnast should be able to show you). This song is aiming to get them to practise the lunge shape. And this month we are starting to work towards a lunge preparing to go into a handstand.

Lunge preparation Step 1: Standing with hands down in front, straight back and legs and feet together. You can give them a rod to hold if you have one.

Lunge preparationStep 2: Step one foot out forward and, at the same time, bring arms up. Front knee will be bent. Both feet will remain flat on the floor and facing forward. Arms will squeeze towards ears. Face will look slightly downwards.

There should be a virtually straight line from arms through the back and down the legs.

Lunge preparationStep 3: Step the foot back, bring the hands back down returning to start position. Repeat stepping forward on the other foot.

Most people will have a dominant foot that they prefer to step forward with.

Try and encourage the gymnast to step forward on either foot.

Lunge preparationStep 4: Once the gymnast can confidently keep balance in the lunge shape on both legs, step into lunge and try lifting the back leg off the floor while keeping the straight line from arms to back to feet.

Then repeat on the opposite leg.

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