Sponsorship opportunities

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We are looking for more supporters to work with us in the following areas. Can you help?

Medals and trophies for the Buckley Invitational Competition

This is an annual competition and we expect to host over 300 children from all over North Wales. We are looking for sponsorship for medals and trophies. A £50 donation will allow your company’s logo to be printed on the running order given out to parents of gymnasts at the competition. We would be happy to accept a single sponsor for the whole event at the cost of £500. We would be happy to discuss this with you in person.

Banner in gym

£200 will pay to display a banner in the gym which will have the Buckley Logo at one end and the Welsh Dragon at the other with your logo in the middle. You will be responsible for paying for the banner. It will be possible to renew the banner after 18 months at a cost of £200 / year.


We accept donations towards specific pieces of equipment the price of which can range from several hundred to several thousand pounds. This will be acknowledged on the donations honours board in the gym and on the website.


We have club trophies which are given out annually to members of the Advanced class to mark their achievements. These are then engraved with gymnasts’ names and they are returned and given out again each year. We would like to purchase similar trophies for our Intermediate and Development classes. We would be happy to discuss donations for this cause.

Special thanks

Here are the groups which have helped us so far.

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