Gymnasts ‘smashed it’ at grades

“Well words can not express how immensely proud we are of our Buckley girls after this weekend” – coach Shelley

There was a 100% success rate over the weekend for grades 6, 5 and 4, both in and out of age, with passes, commendations and distinctions.

Sunday saw the Intermediates show how hard they have been working both in the gym and at home, said Shelley.

And coach Tara praised her Advanced gymnasts Rosie, Macey, Ava and Olivia who also passed their grade 5.

Out of age grade 6

  • Evie passed grade 6
  • Hannah 6th on Floor
  • Lucy Mac 5th on floor
  • Maisie 5th overall
  • Izzy 3rd on vault and 4th overall
  • Mia 3rd on vault and 3rd overall
  • Lucy B 6th on bar and 2nd overall
  • Keira out of age grade 6 Champion

Grade 6 in age

  • Aiyla 5th on vault and 5th on floor
  • Darcey 2nd on bar
  • Ruby 5th on beam, 3rd on floor, 4th on range and conditioning, and 3rd overall

Grade 5 in age

  • Rosie passed with commended and achieved 1st place on bar
  • Macey passed with distinction, 4th on range and conditioning, 4th on vault, 6th place overall
  • Ava passed with distinction, 4th on floor, 4th on bar, 4th beam and 2nd range and conditioning, making Ava our grade 5 champion. She will now go through to the grade 5 Welsh finals
  • Olivia and Cara also passed with flying colours.

Tara said: “I am so unbelievably proud of these girls. They work hard all year round and deserve to shine.”

On Saturday, Intermediate gymnasts Jessie, Little Soph, Niamh and Big Sophie all passed their grade 4 with passes or commendations.

Grade 4 in age

  • Ellie and Mia passed with commendations

Grade 4 out of age

  • Little Soph was 6th on vault and 6th out of age overall
  • Niamh was 1st on floor, 6th on bar and 2nd out of age overall
  • Big Soph was 5th on floor and 4th out of age overall

Also on Saturday, Charlotte, from the Advanced class, showed off her grade 2 skills in a North Area competition run though by getting a clean sweep on pieces; placing 2nd bars, 2nd vault, 3rd floor, 5th range and conditioning, 6th beam and 2nd overall.

  • Special thanks to other club coaches and gymnasts for helping to ensure the weekend was a success.
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Photos: Awards nights

Here are  some highlights from Saturday’s annual awards night, with photos courtesy of Milly. More than 70 awards were handed out at the event which is an opportunity for coaches to recognise gymnasts’ hard work over the last year.

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New look Adult Gymnastics class

Patricia, Bethany and TaraCoaches Tara, Patricia and Bethany have taken over running the Adult Gymnastics classes held every Wednesday between 8-10pm.

If you are looking to take on a new challenge, learn a cool new trick or even just increase your fitness, then this is the class for you.

The three qualified and experienced coaches will be planning a structured, fun and challenging session each week, based on what you want to achieve.

Classes are open to all abilities from ages 16+. Give one of their sessions a try – FIRST SESSION IS FREE!

If you wish to continue with the class and progress in your gymnastics fitness/ability, then a fee of £11 will be due to cover annual insurance. Sessions cost £6.

To find out more information or keep up with the weekly videos, gymnastics hints and tips, visit the dedicated Facebook page, Buckley Adult Gymnastics.

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Tuck shape: Move of the month

For the next few months we are going to be concentrating on our basic shapes which are the fundamental building blocks of gymnastics. Every move a gymnast does is made up of a combination of these shapes.

Tuck shapeStep 1: Tuck shape

Sit on bottom clasping the knees to the chest. Legs tight together. Point the toes to the floor. The back should be curved. Practice pulling legs up towards the chest without wobbling around.

Curled up tightStep 2 – Rocking in Tuck

Once the gymnast can pull into a tuck shape it’s time to try rocking backwards and forwards.

This is much more difficult than it looks as it takes a lot of core strength and head control. It’s difficult to rock back under control without putting your hands down – try it yourself.

The chin must be kept tucked in and the knees clasped tightly. Practice rolling backwards and forwards keeping in a tuck shape without letting go of the knees or rolling out to the side.

Rocking motion from curled up Step 3: Three rocks and stand up

This time the gymnast is encouraged to do three big rocks. Then, on the third one, rock forward on to their feet to stand up. The hands should not be put down to push the body up but pushed forward into the air so that they end in the finish position.


  • Thanks to Jess for the demonstration and to Milly for the photos

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