Star shape: Move of the month

Step 1: Ask the gymnast to lie on their back with their arms and legs spread out wide.

The arms should be flat on the mat.

The legs should be straight and their knees should be pushed into the mat and toes pointed. The knees should be facing towards the ceiling.

Step 2: You can make a star shape standing up.  Again arms are straight, legs are straight and knees are pointing forward.

Step 3: Star Jump

Start with legs together and arms crossed in front of the body

Step 4: Arms swing out and back and legs bend to give the power for the jump.  This is actually more difficult to co-ordinate than you might think.  Keep the feet together.

Step 5: Jump up with arms and legs spreading out wide to make the star shape in the air.  Arms and legs should be straight.

Step 6: Land with knees bent and feet together. The arms sweep round to the front into the landing position.

Step 7: The landing position which is the same for any jump.  Count 1,2,3 in this position. This shows the judge they have good control and a secure landing.

Step 8: Finish!

Thank you to Lottie for being so patient trying to get these action shots and Milly for taking them. [Apologies to Erin and Niamh for forgetting we had already done pencil!]

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Coaches reach new levels

Big well done to coaches Betty and Patricia for passing their level 2 coaching exam today.

Both coaches thanked head coach Ceri for being their mentor and to the gymnasts [and parents] who gave up part of their Sunday to assist them as part of their assessments.

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‘Go team Buckley’ at North Wales Area Prelims

Development class gymnasts General 2 gymnasts

There was success at the North Wales Area Prelims in Deeside, writes coach Ceri Kingsley-Williams.

Gymnasts from Development and General classes gave beautiful performances which made coaches Julie, Kristy, Zoe, Jess and Ceri very proud. Young leaders Amelia and Bella were also delighted with the girls performances.

Bella and Amelia have worked so hard in class to help get them ready for today as have Lottie and Millie. We are lucky to have so many dedicated young leaders.

Gymnasts walked away with ribbons and medals – too many to mention individually.

A big thank you to coach Jo who judged for the entire day, proving once again that success is a team effort.

A big thank you also to coaches Sally and Helen who work tirelessly for the club but were unable to attend on the day. We kept in touch via messenger so they didn’t miss a thing.

Go Team Buckley!

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Inters win Smarties tube fundraiser

Smarties tubeA big thank you to everyone who contributed to the Smarties Tube Fundraiser as we’ve raised £966.55 towards new gym equipment.

After 6 hours of counting 20ps, the Intermediate class has come out with the highest average donation and they will be invited to a free 2 hour training session with head coach Ceri Sass at a time and date to be confirmed.

We’re still accepting filled Smarties Tubes but it’s too late to go into the competition.

If your daughter is in Intermediates and you did not donate, but you are intending to take up the offer of the free training session, we suggest a donation of at least £7.82 (the average raised per child) would be much appreciated!

Smarties table

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