Progression, development and fun for children and adults

preschoolviewing17 (18)Pre-school Gymnastics: Buckley Girls’ Gymnastics Club offer Pre-school gymnastics to both boys and girls from the age of 3 years to 5 years after which should they wish they can enter the field of Artistic gymnastics. The classes are held on Saturday mornings at Buckley Leisure Centre.

We are dedicated to the development of gymnasts both physically and socially and, therefore, acknowledge the fact that not everyone would like to be the next world champion. With this in mind we offer a time slot dedicated to those who prefer not to perform at a competitive level but would like to work towards the awards schemes offered by British Gymnastics.

Among our classes at Gwneraffield, we run several General Gymnastics sessions a week which have been designed to promote strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence, fitness and fun. Class members will be able to participate in British Gymnastics’ Proficiency Award Scheme and to enter competitions to suit their level of performance.

We also run a fun Youth class where girls concentrate on floor work, tumbling and vaulting.

And then there’s the Adult Gymnastics class for people to have a go or to develop their skills. More details coming soon.

Gymnastics progression explained


Development class: This is the first step to gymnastic life. Children within this class can decide whether they would like to start on the road to competitive gymnastics. The decision for this must be supported by the class coach who, in turn, will strive to develop their ability and to progress them as far as possible.

Intermediate class: Within this class gymnasts will start to train several times a week. This prepares them both physically and mentally for the additional training that is undertaken within the Advanced class. Their skills will be developed to a higher level and the syllabus of the National Development Plan Grades Club and Compulsory will begin. Low-level competitions will also start for gymnasts within this class enabling them to learn all about the etiquette expected at competitions and the whole competition experience.

Advanced class: This class trains four days per week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The club attends several competitions a year and we run our own Club Championships. Gymnasts in this class are assessed and selected to travel and train abroad when we receive invitations.

Check out our Timetable or contact us with any queries.