Stan BuckleyStan, director of coaching, has over 40 years’ experience coaching gymnastics from beginners to British junior and Welsh champions.

  • Level 4 Women’s Artistic Coach
  • Qualified judge
  • British Gymnastics Association Tutor and Assessor for Coaches

Best tip for young gymnast: Forget the bad days but remember the good days.

Memorable moment: Being a designated Welsh coach at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in New Zealand.

ceri_171x226Ceri, head coach, started coaching at 13 and gained her first qualification at 15.

  • Level 3 Women’s Artistic Coach
  • Regional qualified judge
  • She works as club development officer for Welsh Gymnastics covering North Wales

Best tip for young gymnast: Have fun but work hard!

Memorable sporting moment:  Atlanta Olympics, 1996: Women’s team final.  Kerri Strug was the last American gymnast to perform, needing a clean vault to win the team gold. She under-rotated her first vault, sitting down and injuring her ankle. Knowing what was needed she went back to the end of the vault run and performed a second vault. She landed the vault before presenting to the judges on one leg and then dropping to her knees – winning gold for the USA. Take a look on Youtube

Danielle is the lead development coach at the gym. She is working to her Level 4 coaching qualification. She works as a dietitian.

  • Level 3 Coach
  • Level 2 Pre-school Coach
  • Regional Judge

CathCatherine has been coaching for over 10 years.

  • Qualified Level 2 Pre-school Coach

Best bit about coaching: Seeing the girls progress through the club from three-year-olds in pre-school to 11-12-year-olds in the advanced class.

Best tip for young gymnast: Don’t be put off if you think other gymnasts are doing better – always be determined and work hard.


tara_171x226Tara has been coaching since 2007.

  • Level 2 Coach and Qualified judge
  • Level 1 Pre-school Gymnastic Coach

Favourite sports person – and why: Beth Tweddle because of what she did during her career to promote gymnastics.

Best tip for young gymnast: Never give up!


shelley_171x226Shelley, started coaching at 15 through to aged 21. She took a break and has been back coaching at Buckley since 2012.

  • Level 2 Coach
  • Women’s Artistic Club Judge

Best thing about coaching: I do it because the feeling we have when we see the girls improve and nail that move they have been so desperate for is second only to seeing your own succeed.

Advice to gymnasts: There’s no such word as ‘can’t’, just’ ‘I’m not done yet’.

emily_171x226Emily has been coaching at Buckley since 2013 and teaches gym in school.

  •  Level 2 Coach
  • Women’s Artistic Club Judge

Tip for Gymnasts: Work hard at home as well as in the gym and never give up.

Best thing about coaching: Seeing the girls achieve what they’ve been working towards.

becca_171x226Becca started helping as a parent-helper in the Pre-school classes in 2010 and now she helps to run them.

  • Level 1 Pre-school Gymnastic Coach

Best bit about coaching: I really enjoy seeing the children grow and progress through Pre-school and now moving up through the club.

Best tip for young gymnast: Your shapes are the fundamentals of your sport. Every move can be broken down into a series of shapes. Practise, practise, practise.

Coach HelenHelen has been coaching since January 2015.  She started out as a parent helper as she has a daughter at the club. Helen works as a product development manager.

  • General Gymnastics Level 2 Qualification

Best thing about coaching: Seeing the surprise when a gymnast achieves a new move.



Coach JoJo has also been coaching since January 2015 and has two children training at the club. Jo is a PE teacher.

  • UK CC Women’s Artistic Level 1 Coach
  • Men’s Artistic Club Judge

Best thing about coaching: Seeing the children develop over time.


ZoeZoe has been coaching since April 2016 and coaches in the Development class. She has a daughter who trains at the gym and she has a son.

  • UK CC Women’s Artistic Level 1 Coach

Gym background: Zoe started gymnastics at the club aged seven and she trained until 14. She travelled to Russia with the club too. Favorite piece is floor.

Best bit about coaching: It is being part of the gym family and seeing my daughter doing the sport I love.

BettyBetty has been coaching since August 2016. She trained at the club aged 11-15. She helps to coach the Advanced gymnasts. She is a full-time student and a learning support assistant.

  • UK CC Women’s Artistic Level 1 Coach

Best bit about coaching: Seeing the girls succeed when they have worked hard


Jess trained as a gymnast from the age of six and she has been coaching since the age of 13 after gaining a Sports Leader qualification. She gained her formal coaching qualification at the age of 16. She has completed her A-Levels.

  • UK CC Women’s Artistic Level 1 Coach



Julie has been coaching since 2015. She coaches in the General Gymnastics classes and Intermediates.

  • General Gymnastics Level 2 Qualification

Gym background: Trained as a gymnast from the age of seven-14



PatriciaPatricia, ‘P’ used to train at the club and now she’s a coach and helps to run the adults’ class.

  • UK CC Women’s Artistic Level 2 Coach
  • Working towards Level 3
  • Area manager for sports coaching company