New leotard 2017Leotards: We have two leotards; a long sleeved velour version produced by A Star and our sleeveless club leotard by Quatro Gymnastics, new for 2017.

Sleeveless leotard: SIZES: CSM – 24”, INT – 26”, CME – 28”, CLA – 30”, ASX – 32”, ASM – 34”, AME – 36” Approximately (size guide is available on Quatro Website for further guidance)

ORDER: To order online visit –
and search or simply click Workout Tank – Navy

Add personalisation by selecting Name + Spray

You will then need to email Quatro to confirm ‘Clear Stones’ and the spelling of BUCKLEY in capital letters

If stock is low, you can call Quatro on 01792 587796 to place the order over the phone.

Long sleeve leotard: Use the following size chart to choose the correct size long sleeved velour version and then place your order online using product code CL299.

Leotard Size Chart Approx Age Chest Inches Waist Inches Torso Inches Imperial Sizing
6 5-6 23-26 20-22 38-41 26”
8 7-8 25-28 20-23 41-45 28”
10 9-10 27-30 21-24 45-49 30”
12 11-12 29-32 22-25 47-51 32”
14 13-14 31-34 24-27 50-53 34”
AXS 14-15 33-36 25-27 54-57 36”

Note. Torso measurement is an all round measurement, from one shoulder down the front under the crutch and up the back to the same shoulder.

Handguards: Gymnasts wear these to protect their hands whilst using the bar. Palm guards are used as the first step and they are available from websites like Gymnastic Express which also has a size chart. Coaches will advise parents when more advanced guards are need for their daughter.

Club clothing: We have joined up with Whittakers Embroidery to provide club clothing. Here’s how you can place an order

1. Visit the website and choose and note down the item / items you want to order. Remember the club colour is french / dark navy.

2. Select what you want to have printed on the item. The code for our logo is BUCKLEY GIRLS. You can have it printed on the front or the back or both but only the first print is free.
(extra prints are £3.50 + vat)

For T-shirts / polo shirts, we would suggest the logo on the left chest with or without the NAME underneath (they have one set up and this counts as one print only)

For hoodies / body warmers etc, they have an 8 inch version to go on the back (if you want the name on the front there will be an extra charge as above)

3. Once you have compiled your order, email the order to

4. They will send you a job sheet confirming the order and an email to confirm that you are happy with it.

5. They will then send you the invoice for your order which you can pay via phone / PayPal or bank transfer

6. Once you have paid they will send you a sample of the printing for your order.  Check it and confirm that you are happy with it they will then print it for you.

7. The supply and delivery time for the order is about three weeks.

Other merchandise available from the club:
Club merchandise

  • Bag £5
  • Pen £5
  • Keyring £4
  • Notebook £4
  • Buy all four for £16