Anti-bullying strategy

It is our aim to provide all our participants with a happy, safe and fulfilling experience when attending Buckley Girls Gymnastic Club.

We hope to help all our gymnasts achieve their potential by raising self-esteem, giving positive feedback and ensuring all our sessions are structured and fun.

We aim for all to work as a team, especially our squads, and do not tolerate competitive individual behaviour as every gymnast learns at different paces and all participants have varying skills.

There are different sorts of bullying, but the three main types are:

  • Physical hitting, kicking, taking or hiding belongings, including money
  • Verbal name calling, teasing, insulting, writing unkind notes
  • Emotional; being unfriendly, tormenting, spreading rumours, looks

Bullying is an anti-social behaviour which will not be tolerated in our club; it undermines the confidence, self-esteem and happiness of gymnasts and can lead to lack of concentration, depression and, in some cases, leaving the club.

Any concerns regarding bullying can be reported directly to our Welfare Officer or communicated to the coaches.

Concerns will be dealt with immediately. We will listen to ‘both sides’ in private and record information to report to the parents of children involved.

We will involve the parents and children in deciding the outcome and any sanctions which may need to take place to ensure the person accused of bullying changes their behaviour.

In cases where bullying continues after warnings and sanctions, the person accused of bullying will be asked to leave the club.