New coaches: ‘…keen on keep-fit but this was a whole new ball game’

Ceri, Jess and Julie

New coaches: Ceri, Jess and Julie

Congratulations to Ceri Kingsley-Williams, Julie Evans and Jess Owens who have recently passed their level 1 coaching qualification. Here, Ceri explains the process and what it means for her…

By Ceri Kingsley-Williams
I dreamed of being a gymnast but never got the chance so becoming a gymnastics coach has been a daunting experience. I’ve always been keen on keep-fit but this was a whole new ball game – two whole training days at Olympus in Llay, online learning, a log book to complete followed by a practical assessment.

The online learning was a disaster to be honest due to technical issues with British Gymnastics. The training days with Mr Buckley were brilliant. I learnt so much. Mr Buckley should write a manual for the club, he has so much knowledge and experience. They were tiring days though as there was so much to learn –  wish I could have recorded it all.

The log book was bewildering but, in time, it made sense and was completed by the deadline. It was great having Julie Evans and Jess Owens doing the course with me, we could help each other out or just moan about it all together. It took three months to complete the course.

Several of the Buckley coaches helped us including Robert, Emily and Danielle and several gymnasts – so thank you all.

Really pleased to get my level 1 coaching qualification as I can now confidently teach a forward roll or a handstand. In time I could go for my level 2 but, for now, I still feel I have a lot more to learn and am happy being a level 1 coach.

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