North area development squad trials and results

acey Jones, Rosie Parsley, Ava Green and Olivia BlanchardThe north area development squads was held on Sunday 8 May at Olympus Gymnastics Club in Llay, with Macey Jones, Rosie Parsley, Ava Green and Olivia Blanchard all taking part, writes coach Tara.

Macey and Rosie have been selected from the 19 other girls in the area who trialled for the squads. Eight other girls were selected within their 2009 age group (three were wild cards).

The trialling was mainly strength and flexibility based. The girls had to do various strength exercises within 30 seconds, doing as many repetitions as they could.

Their flexibility in splits, bridge, hamstring stretch and forward leg lift holds were assessed by Tina Williams from Welsh Gymnastics.

The girls who have been selected for squads will now get an additional four-hour training slots, one Sunday a month with Tina who runs the squad training.

The girls will have to re-trial every six months. Being part of the north wales development squads will help to improve performance and develop their skills.

Attending these sessions with the girls, I will be able to bring back and share with the club useful progressions and skills etc which Tina will share with us.

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