International Women’s Day: ‘Show your strength’

This year’s theme is Break the Bias asking us all to help break stereotyping and discrimination to help the world become more gender equal.

Emilia, as club captain, today shares her take on what International Women’s Day means for her:

Women’s value in society is often perceived based on their looks and how they act rather than skills and ability, which often leads to girls underestimating their worth. 

The role of the media means that this focus on our presentation is drilled into us from a young age while other strengths and qualities are overshadowed. Qualities which make us who we are. 

In our sport where we strive for perfection in our skills and technique it is important to lift each other up as a reminder that how we look on the outside isn’t the most important thing in determining our assets. 

Instead it’s important to value teamwork, communication, determination and hard work which are often overlooked for women in society.

This year’s theme is #breakthebias. Where it’s difficult for women to progress in society, we need to break stereotypes and celebrate diversity.

Show your real strength.

Thank you Emilia

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