Grand plans for our 50th anniversary

50k for 50 years: Buckley Girls’ Gymnastics Club first welcomed budding gymnasts in 1974 to the girls’ gym in the Elfed High School in Buckley.

Following our 40th anniversary celebrations in 2014, we started fundraising for a new home in a modern facility and, in January 2017, we took possession of our new facility in Gwernaffield. 

We now have a well-equipped gym and all our gymnasts are feeling the benefits, but it is time to help them to take it to the next level.

In order to learn new, bigger skills, gymnasts benefit from the use of giant pits which are filled with foam blocks and allow them to stay safe while learning new moves.

Our landlord has approached us about developing the site. It would allow us to create purpose-built pits in a smaller gym attached to our current facility.

In order to do this, we need to raise £50,000 and we really hope to complete the project as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations in 2024.

We are going to start our campaign with a Festival of Gymnastics over the weekend of the 11-12 September. 

All our members will be invited to take part and we will have plans of the proposed gym available and we can tell you all about it.

You will get an opportunity to watch your gymnast and see what their sessions involve. 

You will receive full details in a separate email.

We will also be launching our first fundraising event, asking our gymnasts to get sponsorship to walk 50 miles in 50 days between 12 September and 31 October.

For our youngest gymnasts, we will be encouraging them to walk five miles in those 50 days. 

You will be invited to track their walks online via Strava – in our club area – and there will be weekly updates and prizes along the way.

Want to get involved?

  1. Volunteer as a class fundraising lead to help us keep in contact with our class parents and advertise our events
  2. Ask your work if they are able to match fund any of our fundraising events – we have found this really helpful in the past. Also, ask if they have any grants available
  3. Make sure you are signed up for Easyfundraising so you can support your club while you shop – particularly important as the Christmas shopping spree is not far away
  4. Let your friends, family and workmates know that we will continue with clothing collections every three months – so you can collect clothes which can be turned into cash
  5. Let us know if you have any fundraising ideas that you would like to run to raise money for the club

Bye for now!

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