Grades success

This weekend was the second part of grades at Deeside Gymnastics Academy as the weather put a stop to last Sunday’s competition. And we’ve had some great results:

Last weekend was Grade 3 and Regional Grade 2 North area run though.

Regional Grade 3
Jessie, Izzy, Abi, Olivia and Cara all passed with a commendation.
Jessie – 6th on Bar
Izzy – 2nd on Bar, 6th on Beam, 4th Overall and won a place in the finals in Llanelli.

Regional Grade 2, North area run through
Niamh, Sophie, Emilia and Ellie took part:
Niamh – 4th on Vault, 3rd on Floor
Ellie – 3rd on Vault, 2nd on Floor, 2nd on Range and 5th Overall
Emilia – 1st on Beam, 6th on Floor, 1st on Range and 3rd Overall

Today’s competition was Grade 6 and Grade 4
Grade 6 – Hollie – 3rd on Bars; Floor, 4th on Vault, Beam and Range
Grade 6 – Mollie passed with commendations
Grade 6 – Medi – 3rd on Vault, 2nd on Bar, 2nd on Beam, 1st  on Floor, 3rd on Range and 3rd overall, passing with a commendation.
Issy – 1st on Vault, 3rd on Bar, 1st on Beam, 2nd on Floor, 2nd on Range and 2nd overall, passing with a commendation.
Grade 4 – Darcey – 2nd on Vault, passing with a commendation.

Big well done to all the girls for their brilliant results.

We’ll look forward to supporting Izzy in the Welsh Gymnastic finals in Llanelli at the end of February.

Thanks to the coaches  for helping the girls get these results and to the judges and parent helpers.

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