What a winning weekend!

Hannah,Becca, Hannah Betty

Hannah, Becca, Hannah and Betty

Amy, Patricia and Jo

Amy, Patricia and Jo

It’s been a medal filled weekend at the Adult Gymnastics British Championships in Lilleshall.

We had two teams made up of seven ladies:

Team 1: coaches Jo and  Patricia with adult gymnast member Amy.

Team 2:  Coaches Becca and Betty, coach Hannah from neighbouring club Grays Gymnastics with adult gymnast member Hannah.

Saturday’s competition was Jo and Amy in the over 30’s category followed by Becca and coach Hannah.

Becca gained a 3rd place bronze medal in the newbie over 45 category and Hannah was the gold medalist in the novice over 18 category.

Sunday’s competition in the morning was Betty and Patricia both in the Intermediate category with Betty finishing 2nd place overall, Patricia was 4th.

Finishing the day was Hannah in the Pro over 45 category receiving the 1st place gold medal.

Team 2 finished 3rd place overall.

Thank you to coach Danielle for supporting the gymnasts all weekend and to everyone who travelled to support them.

Well done to everyone.

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