North Area Preliminary Championships

Buckley girls competed at the weekend’s North Area Preliminary Championships at Deeside.

And General class gymnasts received ribbons or medals for their efforts on Saturday, according to coach Shelley.

6 & 7 in year phase 1 competition
Vault: 6th Epifanie; 4th Evie; 1st Libby
Tumble: 6th Libby; 5th Epifanie
Overall: 6th Epifanie, 5th Libby

Overall Teams: 3rd for Epifanie, Milly, Eirlys, Neve and Charlotte
2nd for Libby, Ava, Evie, Isabella and Isla

6 & 7 in the year phase 2 competition
Vault: 6th Cora; 5th Maggie; Joint 3rd Gwennan
Tumble: 3rd Cora; 2nd Gwennan
Overall: 5th Cora and 3rd Gwennan

Overall Teams: 3rd for Mabel, Chloe and Emily
2nd for Daisy, Maggie, Cora and Gwennan

Charlotte and Emily also received awards for their posters.

On Sunday, coach Julie said Buckley girls did “extremely well” in 9-10 years phase 1 competition, with many competing for the first time, although there weren’t any medals in a field of more than 40 gymnasts.

In the 9-10 years phase 2 competition, Lexi was 5th on vault, with a special award for her poster.

In the 11-12 years phase 1 competition
Vault: Jess 6th
Tumble: Ruby 6th and Jess was 1st
Overall: Jess 2nd

13+ years phase 2 competition
Emily was 3rd vault, 2nd tumble, and 3rd overall

Holly and Isabel won awards for their posters.

A big thank you to Milly and Chloe for helping Kristy, Julie and Shelley over the weekend and to Helen, Abi and Bella who gave up a full day each to judge on behalf of the club.

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