Making the grade

deesideSome advanced class girls attended a ‘run’ through competition on Friday at Deeside Leisure Centre before heading to Cardiff in a few weeks’ time for the real deal.

They competed in both compulsory and national level grades against girls from around the north area.

Macey and Mia entered national grade 4 with Megan and Zara entering national 3.

We also had Abi, Amelia and Bella competing at national grade 1. And Aiyla competed in the compulsory level 4 competition.

All our girls came away with ribbons, medals and trophies for their performances, with Aiyla 3rd overall in her compulsory competition.

In national grade 1, Abi was 4th overall, Amelia 2nd and Bella was champion. Mia was 2nd overall in grade 4, and Zara 4th overall in grade 3.

Coach Betty said while the girls showed “lots of fantastic work” there was still “time to work extra hard and go down to Cardiff and shine” next month.

A big thank you to coaches who judged and helped on the night.

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