Gymspire success

We’re so very proud of our Development gymnasts, writes coach Helen, after their success at the Gymspire competition at Deeside over the weekend.

On Saturday, all 16 gymnasts “performed to their very best” to come away with a ribbon or medal to “reward their hard work”.

Ages 6/7 Girls
Team 2nd
Team 3rd
Lili Mc 1st tumble
Lily R 4th tumble
Maya 6th tumble
Seren 3rd trampette

Age 8 Girls
Team 3rd
Niamh 2nd tumble, 3rd trampette and 4th overall
Medi 5th tumble

Age 11-12 Girls
Courtney 6th vault

Niamh will represent north Wales in the national finals for the 8-year-olds in two weeks’ time – and she wasn’t the only one as Sunday’s competition was also successful for Buckley.

The club’s 9 and 10-year-olds “sparkled and shone” despite a “really tough competition”, according to Helen.

She said they “performed beautifully” with some 7th & 8th places and the “Best Team Spirit” in the whole competition.

Ellie was the final gymnast to compete in the age 13 category and she “smashed it” – 1st trampette, 5th floor and 3rd overall – so she will also represent north Wales at the national finals.

“Massive thanks to all our coaches, young leaders and parents – we couldn’t do it without you all,” said Helen.

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