Young leaders and helpers awarded certificates

Young leaders

They received their certificates at a parent viewing session for Preschool gymnasts

Young leaders and helpers for our Preschool classes were awarded their official volunteering certificates on Saturday, writes coach Becca.

Many of our young volunteers have been helping out within the club since they left Preschool.

Without their enthusiasm and dedication we would not be able to offer such a wide variety of activities to our mini gymnasts.

In March, we teamed up with Flintshire Local Voluntary Council and started recording the hours the young leaders and helpers put in to enable us to award their certificates.

The certificates recognise their contributions for between five and 50 hours.

Older young leaders are encouraged to sign up to the Millennium Volunteers Scheme where they receive recognition for up to 200 hours volunteering.

The young leaders and helpers will be the coaches of the future and their commitment and enthusiasm is truly admirable.

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