Straddle fold: Move of the month

This move is a fold in the straddle position. Like the pike fold, this fold should be made from the hips and not by rounding the back.

Step 1: Sit in a nice, wide straddle. Back is straight, toes pointed, knees pressed into the floor with arms out wide.

Step 2: Arms up to squeeze the ears, keeping back straight and toes pointed.

Step 3. Fold forwards from the hips, keeping the back straight. Try and avoid rolling the knees forward. Keep them pointed towards the ceiling. You should be able to draw a straight line from the tips of the fingers, through the shoulders, to the hips.

Step 4: Tummy, chest and arms should be as flat on the floor as possible. Hold for a slow count of 3. Keep squeezing those ears with the arms, and the knees should be pointing towards the ceiling.

Step 5: The move starts from the fingers and not the head. Lift off the floor, keeping the back straight all the way up. Squeeze those ears and keep it slow.

Step 6: You’re back where you started in a nice, wide straddle – and you’re still squeezing those ears with the arms.

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