Pre-school gymnasts: Move of the month

Getting into splits position, part 2We’re starting a new section on the website designed to help Pre-school gymnasts to develop their skills at home.

The feature will be called ‘move of the month’ with advice showing how parents can help the gymnast.

Coach Becca said: “By the gymnasts working moves at home we will be able to progress more quickly in class and they will get more out of the sessions.

“We will be posting a new move each month and it will correspond to a move that we are covering in the lesson plan that month.

“The intention is to cover the basics of a move which the gymnasts should be able to do on their own. It is just a question of them being prompted to try.”

Becca said she welcomes feedback from parents to improve this new idea.

The first ‘move of the month’ will be published shortly.

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