What a ‘day to make a difference’

Special thanks to 30 volunteers from Lloyds Banking Group who spent the day cleaning and painting the new gym.

The company runs a programme called D2MAD (day to make a difference) where staff, like gym club chairwoman Liz, can volunteer for a day to help a good cause in the community.

Liz and colleagues, who work in the operations change department, carried out a number of jobs, including lots of painting and they cleared the rear car park of rubbish and metal.

They managed to put three coats of paint on the walls of the toilets and changing rooms.

And, among other tasks, they painted the rear office and a large area of the new gym, although it will still require further coats of paint, according to Liz.

The volunteers even brought their own paint, cleaning products, rollers, trays and brushes to help with their day’s work – and they also donated money to the club.

Thanks again to all.

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