New official sleeveless club leotard

New leotard 2017In line with the launch of our very own dedicated facility, we have teamed up with Quatro to produce our new official sleeveless club leotard.

This will be as an addition to the long sleeved velour version from A Star.

You can purchase the sleeveless leotard from today but we ask that they are not worn to training until Saturday 1 April.

Up to CSM – AXS – £32, ASM – AME – £36

Approximately (size guide is available on Quatro Website for further guidance)

CSM – 24”, INT – 26”, CME – 28”, CLA – 30”, ASX – 32”, ASM – 34”, AME – 36”

ORDER: Workout Tank – Navy leotard

Add personalisation by selecting Name + Spray

You will then need to email Quatro to confirm Clear Stones and the spelling of BUCKLEY

If stock is low, you can call Quatro on 01792 587796 to place the order over the phone.

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