Didn’t they do well?

On 26 June four advanced class gymnasts travelled to Derry, Northern Ireland, accompanied by coaches Stan Buckley and Ceri Sass to take part in a week’s training camp with international performance coach Prof Walter Consonni and gymnasts at Twisters Gymnastic Club.

Gymnasts Bella Bailey (club captain), Abigail Hogg, Isabella Roberts and Elise Laflamme were welcomed by our club’s long-time friend and Twisters’ chief coach Terri Fisher and they were hosted by families during the stay.

Following the week’s training, the girls took part in the Maiden Cup, with teams from Southern and Northern Ireland, Wales and England taking part.


The Buckley team took gold, silver and bronze medals on all four pieces of apparatus, finishing the day off as team champions.

Mr Buckley said: “Once again we send our thanks to Terri, gymnasts and families at Twisters for yet another great week, and thank you Team Buckley for your hard work and professionalism whilst representing our club.”

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