£25,000 New Gym Appeal: We did it!

Coaches and gymnasts with totalizer

Coaches and gymnasts with the completed totalizer

👍😃 Thanks to everyone for helping us to reach our £25,000 New Gym Appeal target, writes chief fundraiser and coach Becca Bailey.

I was slightly daunted by the idea when Mr Buckley asked me to be fundraising lead to help us to raise £25,000 towards the move into our new gym.

I quickly realised that there were lots of parents, grandparents and gymnasts happy to do their bit in order to take our dream one step closer to a reality. But I never thought we would be reaching our goal in under 18 months.

A massive thank you to all the stalwarts of the fundraising committee and to the helpers that turn out at every event whether it be hot dog selling, face painting, car boot sales or supermarket bag packing.


‘This is the beginning of a new adventure for our amazing club’ – chief fundraiser Becca Bailey


Thank you to local employers MBNA and Moneysupermarket for their kind donations. Also, a really big thank you to all the parents and friends who have sponsored gymnasts, paid them to do Bob a Job and filled Smartie tubes!

This is the beginning of a new adventure for our amazing club. I hope we can count on your continued support.

We’ll keep you posted on the next stage of our plans.

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