New Gym Appeal update: Sponsored tumble and the future

Tumbling in 2015 By the management committee

We started 2015 with a dream to move into a new facility.  In order to do this we needed to raise £25,000 to be in a position to start to look at our options.  We never imagined, although we had hoped, that we would have raised over £21,000 in the first 12 months.  We still need to raise that last £3,900 to put us in a position to move ahead. Time is of the essence here.  Other local clubs are moving to fixed facilities and we need to be moving at the same pace as them so we are not left further behind.

We would hope to raise the last monies by April and because of this we will be moving our traditional sponsored tumble forward to 27 February.

We will be asking that each family tries their best to raise at least £40. We raised just over £3,000 last year so with a little extra help we should be able to do it.

Will we move as soon as we get £25,000?

The simple answer is no.  Raising the first £25,000 puts us in a position to look in detail at what our options are.  We will need to take into account the availability of suitable buildings and any conversion or change of use that needed to be applied for.

Will the business structure of the club change?

It already has done.  The committee have been working very hard in the background to change the structure of the administration of the club and the club is now a Company Limited by Guarantee which is still not for profit.  Not for Profit means that if there are any profits made throughout each year, then these are all invested back into the club.

Will the waiting list open again?

Yes, in order to apply for funding from Sport Wales we will need to prove a need and so we will be re-opening the waiting list early in 2016.  Keep an eye on the website, as it will be announced there first.

How will fundraising change once we reach £25,000?

Once we have our first £25,000 the emphasis of the fundraising will change, moving towards funding of specific projects within the gym.  There will be opportunities for local businesses to sponsor pieces of equipment and other projects such as the provision of practise pits.

What about coaches?

We have a dedicated team of coaches and young leaders and we will be continuing to expand our numbers and expertise as we move into the future.  We are always looking for committed people who are happy to volunteer their time. We realise and appreciate that becoming a coach requires a big personal and financial commitment.  We will continue to encourage our older gymnasts to become young leaders and develop their coaching skills.

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