Bag packing

After a fabulous day yesterday, our next fundraising event is coming up fast, writes fundraising committee member and coach, Becca Bailey.

We have slots to Bag Pack at Asda Queensferry from 10.30 am until 4.30pm on Saturday 27 June.

Children have to be aged 8 or over and accompanied by a parent at the till to do the bag packing but we have permission for a couple of under 8s to collect with buckets at the entrance.  We will be able to collect at 6 tills at any time.

Please can everyone sign up for a 1 hour slot.  This is a great opportunity to highlight our fundraising to the wider community. Please join in if you can.

I’ll be in the gym from 9am-1pm next Saturday so please let me know which slot you can cover.


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