‘Easy’ ways to help…

By Stephen Bailey

On behalf of the Buckley Girls Gymnastics Club Fundraising Committee

Stan Buckley has been running Buckley Girls Gymnastics Club as a not for profit sports club for 40 years achieving a huge amount of success with very limited resources. But now we need to grow.

We would be grateful if you could spare a few moments to read this, as we need your help, we can assure you at the outset that we are not asking you for money, just your assistance!

  • We offer gymnastics coaching to nearly 100 local gymnasts from 3 years of age, but we have had to close our waiting list for over 2 years because we have no more space to allow older children to join.
  • We currently use the Girls Gym at the Elfed High School in Buckley, and the girls and coaches waste a significant amount of time each available session setting up and putting away the equipment.
  • We need to raise £50,000 to move into a purpose designed gym to allow more children to train to a higher standard.
  • If we raise £25,000 we can apply to Sport Wales for the other £25,000.

As a fundraising committee we have concluded that one way to start to raise this money is through using an organisation called easyfundraising.

Easyfundraising graphic

The way it works, very briefly, is that if any online ordering is done by accessing your normal suppliers through the easyfundraising website, then a donation (typically between 1-3%) goes to your nominated ‘good cause’.

3,000 of the country’s largest suppliers and businesses are signed up to easyfundraising and regularly donate every time an order is placed via the easyfundraising website. One local business has donated over £500 to us by buying their stationery from Viking via our link in 6 months.

There is no downside to easyfundraising; there is no contract, no obligation, no financial details given. There is nothing to lose but lots to gain by supporting a club that provides fabulous opportunities to children in this area.

To get started now follow the link: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/invite/3C5RDX/

One of us will be happy to sit down and talk through this at any time convenient to you. If you think you can help, please feel free to contact me and I will arrange for someone from the club to speak to you.

Chair Liz Morris

Secretary: Cath Quinn

Treasurer: Diane Buckley

Lotteries Licence No: SL0170

Email: buckleygymnastics@hotmail.co.uk

Phone: 07702620732

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