Club restructure

By Stan Buckley,
Coaching Director

In order to progress the development of our gymnasts we need to increase the training time spent in the gym. This can only be achieved by reducing the number of classes via merging.

I am afraid this will mean a reduction in the numbers we can accommodate, but with the restraints of Health and Safety eg; coach to gymnast ratio plus the shortage of volunteer coaches, coupled with the arduous task of setting up and taking down apparatus, it is with sadness that this has had to be done.

If more time could be made available and we could recruit more volunteer coaches we would be able to look again at opening the waiting list.

As far as moving through the club is concerned, this movement is restricted as very few gymnasts leave before completing at least 5 years. It is my aim to lift the standard of performance in every class.

Some clubs ask gymnasts to vacate their place when it is felt no more improvement can be made in their performance. This is not the policy of Buckley Girls Gymnastic Club. Moreover, we encourage gymnasts to follow a learning path as Sports Leaders or gymnastic coaches.

We are making efforts to fund raise in order to find our own facility. When we do then I am sure we can offer an opportunity for many more to enjoy the benefits gymnastics can offer.

It should be remembered the majority of our coaches are volunteers and, for the love of the sport, give their time after a day’s work.

If you fancy trying your hand at becoming a qualified coach, give me a call. You will be given every help and opportunity to gain this qualification.

Preschool: There are many benefits children gain from attending preschool gymnastics.

Many small challenges being set during the session helps build self confidence.

They soon learn to listen and follow instruction; learning about and being involved with rules, explaining what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour.

There has to be a structure yet FUN. Classes teach discipline and control, we teach how their actions affect others. Movement and co ordination is taught and, let’s be honest, is there a better activity for fitness and flexibility than gymnastics?

We are building a better foundation of skills and attitudes so they have a better chance of being successful.

Development Class: Training on a Saturday morning, 9-11am.

The class will train in two locations: the girl’s gym and the main hall.

The training programme will involve Floor & Vault skills (basics), plus a fun conditioning programme to improve their fitness components.

Competition involvement: BG award scheme, club & inter club

Intermediate class: Numbers will be dependent upon available coaches.

Their training programme will involve apparatus working, continued improvement on fitness/conditioning.

Competition involvement: Club, interclub & North Wales events.

Advanced Class: Working four groups, five per group. Their training programme will involve apparatus working.

A fitness/conditioning programme with specific requirements of Regional/National squad trials being met so as to give our gymnasts every chance of successfully trialling.

It is obvious that to be successful in any activity it requires the support of many individuals and an intrinsic motivation from those involved. The parents on the fund raising body are supporting the club in its long term aim of acquiring its own facility.

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