Mums turn to coaching – officially!

Shelly and EmilyCongratulations to Shelly, Emily, Irene and Sally for completing their coaching qualifications while volunteering at the club.

Shelly Evans-McVeigh, a sports lecture, completed her level one coaching some years ago but updated the qualification.

Shelly is also a qualified tumbling judge and she’s mum to Zara from the intermediate class who has been with the club since the pre school class.

Emily Phillips also completed the level one general gymnasitc coaching qualification.

She is a high school PE teacher and is mum to Megan who is also in the intermediate class.

Irene and SallySally La Flamme, who started coaching this year, is mum to Elise and Neve from the advanced class.

Irene Williams also started volunteering at club sessions this year. She helps in both the beginners and advanced classes with daughters Holly in the advanced class and Lucy in the pre advanced class.

They are all planning to do another coaching qualification – women’s artisitic gymnastics level two.

Thanks to the mums for helping the girls at our club.

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