Spotlight on gymnasts

We’d like to start a new section on the website where gymnasts can tell us a little about themselves and what they like doing at gym. Below, you’ll see the first girls to take part.

MadeleineName: Madeleine

Gym class: Novice

Age: 12

Favourite thing about gym: Learning new things!

What moves are you learning at the moment?

Bar – back-hip circles and straddle under-shoot dismount

AshleighName: Ashleigh

Gym class: Novice

Age: 8

Favourite thing about gym: High bar, vault and beam

What moves are you learning at the moment?

Practising moves for the summer competition.

Round-offs on floor

Straddle under-shoots on bar

Floor – round-offs

Vault – hand springs

Thanks to Madeleine and Ashleigh for taking part. If you want to be featured on the website, ask your coach for a form.

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