Coaching role opens new window for Sally

Volunteer Sally

Sally volunteered to help and is now a qualified coach

UPDATE: Since writing this post, Sally has since become a qualified Level 2 Coach and Women’s Artistic Club Judge

Fed up of playing taxi driver and waiting around while your daughter is at her training session?

One way to share Buckley Girls’ passion for gymnastics and to get a better understanding of their training is to become a volunteer and helper

Here, Sally Laflamme, who has two daughters in the Advanced class, explains how she became involved and what she gets from helping out…

“I am the middle of doing my coaching course General level 1 which I’m really enjoying as it is giving me a lot more knowledge about gymnastics.

“So far, the course has explained how to plan lessons correctly making sure gymnasts are thoroughly warmed up at the start of the session through pulse raising, conditioning and stretching exercises.

“This gets the gymnasts ready mentally and physically for their training and to help prevent any injuries.

“I have two girls in the Advanced class; Elise, 11, and Neve, seven. Before I became involved with helping / coaching at the gym I have always loved watching the girls do gymnastics through the little window on  the entrance door!

“Like most parents you love to see your child enjoy something and progress at it and I found a lot of the time I was coming in to watch them 30 mins before the end of the lesson just so I could see them do more gymnastics.

“So when I heard that the club needed volunteers / helpers, I thought it would be a good chance to really see what the girls are doing and how to help out.

“I have now been helping / coaching for about seven months and can honestly say I love it.

“I’ve surprised myself with how much I enjoy it.

“I love watching all the girls enjoy and progress at gym.

“It’s so lovely when you see them get so excited when they do a gymnastic move correctly.

“I have really enjoyed helping and supporting the girls through their moves.

“And I have learned and gained a lot of confidence from the other coaches on how to do it correctly and safely.

“So my advice to any other parent who wants to get involved is just come in and try it out – you’ll enjoy it!”

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