Stockport competition success

Buckley Girls

On Sunday 7 April eight gymnasts from the Advanced Class represented the Club for the first time at the Stockport Invitational Easter Competition, writes Ceri Sass.

Having not entered this competition before we had no expectations of the girls except to perform as well as they could and to enjoy themselves. Which they did!

In the first round, Holly Williams and Isabella Roberts competed in the Pre-Novice 9 years competition.

There were 23 girls in their age group and the girls performed well. Holly finished 7 th on Vault, 15th on Bars and Floor and 17th Overall.

Isabella finished, 9th on Vault, 4th on Bars, 10th on Floor and 12th Overall.

In Round 2 we had our 10 year old gymnasts, Amber Evans and Amelia Bourne and our 11 year olds, Elise LaFlamme, Ffion Whitley and Cerys Barton competing in the Novice competition.


Amber and Amelia did exceptionally well. Amelia gained a bronze medal on Vault, Beam and Overall and received a Gold medal for her beautiful floor routine.

Amber was awarded bronze for her floor and silvers for Vault, Beam and Overall.

A very successful outing!

Elise, Ffion and Cerys were in a group of 15 gymnasts that were performing some complex routines.

Our girls performed good clean routines including some new skills on beam.

Ffion received a bronze medal for her great floor routine and also 7th place on Vault and Bar.

Elise and Cerys finished 11th and 10th on vault, 8th and 9th on Bars respectively.

Hollie Pike was the final representative for Buckley Girls in the third round of the competition in the Novice 12 year competition.

Hollie performed well during a long day of competition finishing in 4th place on Beam and 5th on Vault.

All the girls competed very well performing clean routines and gaining some of the highest execution marks in their respective competitions.

Now it’s back to the gym to work on skills to increase their difficulty ready for next year.

Well done girls, we are all very proud of you and you have put Buckley on the map in the North West!

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