Everyone one a winner at Llandrillo Competition

By Ceri

Buckley Girls at LlandrilloGymnasts from the Intermediate and Pre-Advanced class competed at the Llandrillo Competition on Sunday 2 December and did extremely well with all gymnasts coming home with a medal!

First up were the Intermediate Gymnasts in the 10-11, 12-13 and 14+ age groups. Alice Cahalane finished 1st overall in the 14+ age group and Jess Owens and Megan Evans finished 1st and 2nd overall respectively in the 12-13 competition!

The 10-11 Gymnasts competed really well picking up a host of individual medals and a clean sweep in the overall competition with Morgan Davies 1st, Megan Reid 2nd and Holly Myers 3rd!!

Buckley Girls at LlandrilloThe second round were for gymnasts in the 8-9 competition! Ellie Small finished 1st on Tumble and 3rd on Bar, Charlotte Underwood 1st on Vault, Jenna Davies 2nd on Tumble and 2nd Beam and Charlotte Woolley 3rd Beam.

The final round of the day was the competition for the 6-7 year olds.

Lillie and NeveFor many of these girls, this was the first time they had competed against girls from other clubs.

Lillie Dodd and Neve LaFlamme thoroughly enjoyed the experience and competed very well!

Lillie finished with a silver medal on Tumble and Neve was awarded with Silver medal on Bench and bronze on tumble.

The girls all did very well doing the club proud! We look forward to taking more gymnasts to this competition next year!

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