Lily and Elise at Welsh Novice Finals, Cardiff

Lily and Elise travelled to Cardiff to compete as part of the North Area Team in the Welsh Novice Finals.

By Lily

After school on Friday 19 October I travelled down to Cardiff for a team competition. It took around 3hours and I was feeling very nervous.

Lily and Elise

Lily and Elise’s group came second overall in the team competition

Elise was already there when I got there and had gone for tea. We met up with Ceri, Helen, Emily, Hannah and Elise to have a drink. Elise and I were so excited and couldn’t wait. We then got our leotards which were Bangor’s club leotards – they were so nice. Every one then got a north Wales t-shirt that had been made for us.

We were in the same hotel. We got our rooms and went to bed ready for the next day. We got up really early because we were so excited to compete. We all went to breakfast together. We couldn’t eat a lot because we were so nervous.

After breakfast I went to Elise’s room to get my hair done in a spider web. We then had a little rest before we went.

We got there and the gym was really nice and we were getting a little more nervous. Then we saw the other girls from the north Wales team – three girls called Holly, Lucy and Molly who were all really friendly. I couldn’t wait to be in a team with them.

Then it was our year group’s time to compete. We did our warm up. There were four other teams who were all really good.

Our rotation was bar, beam, floor and vault. We competed our best on all four pieces. We did really well. Our team came second overall which was really good and we were really proud of ourselves and so were all the coaches.

 Along with all of that, Elise and I met three really good friends and would love to meet them again.

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