Cardiff competition success

Well done to Buckley Intermediate and Advanced class gymnasts who competed in Saturday’s Level 5 & 6 finals in Cardiff, writes coach Shelley.

We are so incredibly proud of all the girls who showed beautiful skills and great courage.

Some gymnasts were competing at new levels and some were competing skills for the first time. They were all representing North Area Gymnastics.

Round 1
Level 6-8 in year
Team 4th ribbon

Round 2
Level 6-9 in year
Team 4th ribbon

Round 3
Level 5 10/11
Team 4th ribbon

Level 6 12+
North Team 2nd

Bar 6th
Beam 6th
Overall 5th

Vault 5th
Bar 4th
Floor 2nd
Overall 6th

Thanks to parents for their support, and Emily Phillips for judging.

Thanks also to Patricia Byrne for travelling to Cardiff and back in a day in the shocking weather.

And thanks to all coaches who have played a part in the girls’ journey.

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North Wales Squads selection success

Squads membersWell done to Buckley gymnasts on their North Wales squad selection, writes coach Danielle.

Gymnasts will attend training sessions once a month at clubs across North Wales with the rest of the squad.

Foundation squad:
Mollie Hookes
Hollie Jones

Development squad:
Sophie Armstrong
Amber Hodges
Daisy Roberts
Aiyla Griffith who retained her place

Senior squad:
Bella Bailey
Amelia Bourne
Abigail Hogg
Zara Roberts

And a special thanks to our coaches.

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Fantastic results!

Three days of competitions at Deeside saw great success for girls from Buckley.

Five girls made the North Area Team and we had:

  • 2 Vault Champions
  • 2 Bar Champions
  • 1 Beam Champion
  • 1 Overall Champion
  • 2 Team Golds

Here are the results

Day 1: Excellent start for our level 5 12+ girls, writes coach Shelley.

They upped their level this year and had tough competition with 34 girls. They all left with ribbons and medals.

Lydia: 5th on Vault, 4th on Floor, 6th overall

Niamh: 3rd on Beam

Sophie: 6th on Floor

Emilia: Beam Champion

Day 2: A fun packed day of 3 rounds for our Inters and Advanced girls with some of our girls competing at this level for the first time.

Round 1 – Level 6 (8yrs)

We saw Daisy, Ava, Seren & Olivia compete beautifully, doing themselves very proud.

Sophie: 1st Vault, 6th Floor, 6th Overall

Amber: 3rd floor

Loni: 6th Vault, 4th Beam, 3rd Overall

Team Gold for Buckley

Round 2 – Level 6 (7 yrs)

Gwennan & Mollie had a lovely competition, performing their piece well.

Mollie: 2nd Vault, 5th Bar

Round 3 – Level 6 (9 yrs)

Medi did well, competing her full bar & beam.

Darcey: 2nd Vault, 1st Bar, 2nd Overall

This means Darcey has made the team going to Cardiff to represent North Wales in two weeks’ time.

Day 3: What a way to end a successful weekend of competitions!

Round 1 – Level 6 (10/11 yrs)

We had Lucy, Maisie, Mia, Sarah, Izzie A, Erin, Izzie B and Evie preforming some lovely gymnastics.

Lucy: 6th Vault

Bar: Maisie 6th & Lucy 4th

Round 2 – Level 6 12+

Jessie, Courtney, Ellie, Lottie, Lucy & Jeada did themselves very proud.

Lottie: 5th Bar

Jeada: 4th Beam

Ellie: 6th Vault, 2nd Floor

Courtney: Vault Champion, 2nd Bar, 2nd Beam

Jessie: 3rd Vault, Bar Champion, 6th Beam, 4th Floor

Overall: Courtney 4th  and Jessie Level 6 12+ Champion

With Buckley Team 1 getting Sliver

Round 3 Level 5 – (10/11 yrs)

Finishing off the weekend brilliantly was Ava, Ellie, Cara, Izzie, Abi.

Ellie: 3rd Vault, 4th Floor

Issy: 3rd Vault

Ava: 2nd Floor, 5th overall

Courtney, Jessie, Ava, Loni & Darcey will all go down to Cardiff to represent North Wales in two weeks’ time. Excellent work Buckley!

Thanks to our coaches for judging and supporting our girls.

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Parents in Sport Week

Parents in Sport logoBuckley Girls Gymnastic Club is supporting Parents in Sport Week 2019 to make gymnasts’ training a positive experience.

This year’s campaign, run by the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) which is a partnership including the NSPCC and Sport Wales, encourages parents to make the Sports Parents Promise that shows a commitment to supporting children in their sporting life. Make your promise here.

There is lots of information available on the CPSU website which shows how parents can support their children in all sports.

We’d like to thank our parents for their ongoing support in the club.

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