Awards night tickets

TrophiesReminder: Please purchase your awards night tickets before Friday 2 February.

The event is an opportunity for coaches to recognise gymnasts’ hard work over the last year and since our move to the Gwernaffield gym.

“This will be a glittering evening with over 70 awards being given out,” said coach Becca.

“We hope to see as many gymnasts as possible there.”

It takes place at Connah’s Quay Navy Club on Saturday 10 February between 6.30-9.30pm.

Gymnasts from General classes, Development, Intermediate and Advanced are all encouraged to attend.

Tickets cost £10 for one gymnast and one adult.

Any remaining tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis on Saturday 3 February at £5 per adult / sibling between 11am and 1pm at the Gwernaffield Gym.

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Gymnasts of the month: December



General Gym class 1: Emily

Coach comments: Emily has been working very hard and her listening and concentration during sessions has really improved as well as her skills. Well done Emily. Keep working hard!



General Gym class 2: May

Coach comments: May has improved greatly over the last few months and is a delight to coach with her positive attitude and lovely smile. Well done May. Keep up the hard work!



General Gym class 3, 5-6pm: Awen

Coach comments: Awen constantly puts her all into everything she does and we have seen a huge improvement over the past few weeks. Well done Awen.



General Gym class 3, 6-7pm: Madison

Coach comments: Madison always comes to sessions ready to work hard and always has a smile on her face. Keep up the good work.



Development class: Annie

Coach comments: Annie has been working hard on her vault and handstand and is always very confident and balanced on beam. Her round-offs are looking lovely too and bridge kick out is nearly there. Well done Annie. Keep up the good hard work.



Intermediate class: Cara ‘Coops’

Coach comments: She has great determination and a willingness to improve. Always focused, with a big smile on her face. Well done Coops!



Advanced class: Abi

Coach comments: Well done to Abi. She continues to work hard when things are getting tough and her perseverance is paying off. Keep it up Abs.

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Lunge: Move of the month

We’ve been working a lunge position for a little while now, writes coach Becca.  If you came to parents’ viewing you may remember the seesaw action song (your gymnast should be able to show you). This song is aiming to get them to practise the lunge shape. And this month we are starting to work towards a lunge preparing to go into a handstand.

Lunge preparation Step 1: Standing with hands down in front, straight back and legs and feet together. You can give them a rod to hold if you have one.

Lunge preparationStep 2: Step one foot out forward and, at the same time, bring arms up. Front knee will be bent. Both feet will remain flat on the floor and facing forward. Arms will squeeze towards ears. Face will look slightly downwards.

There should be a virtually straight line from arms through the back and down the legs.

Lunge preparationStep 3: Step the foot back, bring the hands back down returning to start position. Repeat stepping forward on the other foot.

Most people will have a dominant foot that they prefer to step forward with.

Try and encourage the gymnast to step forward on either foot.

Lunge preparationStep 4: Once the gymnast can confidently keep balance in the lunge shape on both legs, step into lunge and try lifting the back leg off the floor while keeping the straight line from arms to back to feet.

Then repeat on the opposite leg.

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Photos: Pre-school holiday camp

Pre-school class held its first holiday camp on Wednesday at our Gwernaffield Gym.

A total of 13 gymnasts worked hard and had some fun on the apparatus with Pre-school coaches Cath, Kristy and Becca, with help from intermediate coach Shelley.

Young leaders Milly, Niamh, Lottie, Bella and Zara also helped.

Becca said: “It was really good to get Shelley’s support to give the other coaches some coaching tips and also help us work some more advanced skills.

“Hopefully, this will be the first of many camps.”

  • Photos: Milly
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