Newly qualified coaches

Well done to our newly qualified coaches Emilia and Milly.

Emilia & Milly

They have both worked hard to pass their Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 1 coaching certificate.

Emilia is our club captain and trains with the Advanced class, and she coaches in the General and Development classes. Milly trains in the Adult class and coaches in Preschool, Presquad and the Advanced class. They’ve both volunteered at the club for a long time as sport leaders.

We’re so pleased to have them as part of the coaching team as they are great coaches and great role models.

Congratulations Emilia and Milly.

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International Women’s Day: ‘Show your strength’

This year’s theme is Break the Bias asking us all to help break stereotyping and discrimination to help the world become more gender equal.

Emilia, as club captain, today shares her take on what International Women’s Day means for her:

Women’s value in society is often perceived based on their looks and how they act rather than skills and ability, which often leads to girls underestimating their worth. 

The role of the media means that this focus on our presentation is drilled into us from a young age while other strengths and qualities are overshadowed. Qualities which make us who we are. 

In our sport where we strive for perfection in our skills and technique it is important to lift each other up as a reminder that how we look on the outside isn’t the most important thing in determining our assets. 

Instead it’s important to value teamwork, communication, determination and hard work which are often overlooked for women in society.

This year’s theme is #breakthebias. Where it’s difficult for women to progress in society, we need to break stereotypes and celebrate diversity.

Show your real strength.

Thank you Emilia

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Llanelli finals

Well done to our five girls who won their place to represent North Wales in the Club & Regional finals in Llanelli at the weekend.

Here are the results:

Emilia – Regional Grade 1, 6th place overall

Ellie and Emilia’s team received a silver medal

Courtney – Regional Grade 4 received a judge’s recognition rosette for her vault

Gwennan’s team – Club Grade 5, 4th place

Courtney and Amber’s team – Regional Level 4, placed 4th

Well done to all of our girls and congratulations on your results.

Thank you to coach Shelley for supporting the girls this weekend.

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Grades success

This weekend the club attended the North Area Club and Regional Grades at Deeside Gymnastics Academy.

Great results with all our girls passing their grades.

Day 1 Saturday 19 February

Regional 1
Grade 1

Ellie 1st
Emilia 5th

Emilia 3rd

Ellie 2nd
Emilia 6th

Emilia 4th

Ellie 4th
Emilia 5th

Ellie and Emilia will now represent North Wales in the team final in Llanelli in two weeks time.

Regional 2
Grade 2

Izzie 1st

Jessie 1st

Jessie 3rd

Day 2 Sunday 20 February

Club Grade 5

Seren passed grade 5, placing 5th on Vault.

Gwennan passed with Distinction, placing 3rd on Beam, 3rd on Floor, 5th on Range & 5th Overall.

Club Grade 4

Courtney, Medi, Sarah and Amber all passed Grade 4.

Courtney passed with Commended, placing 2nd on Vault, 6th on Bar, 6th on Beam, 1st on Floor and 3rd Overall.

Sarah passed with Commended placing 4th on Vault & 5th on Beam.

Amber passed with Commended placing 6th on Vault, 3rd on Beam, 2nd on Floor and 5th Overall.

Gwennan, Courtney and Amber have also qualified to represent North Wales at the team final in Llanelli.

Well done to all the girls who competed this weekend some attending their first grades competition.

A big thank you to all the coaches for giving up their time to support the girls and to judge the competition.

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