Cardiff competition success

Well done to Buckley Intermediate and Advanced class gymnasts who competed in Saturday’s Level 5 & 6 finals in Cardiff, writes coach Shelley.

We are so incredibly proud of all the girls who showed beautiful skills and great courage.

Some gymnasts were competing at new levels and some were competing skills for the first time. They were all representing North Area Gymnastics.

Round 1
Level 6-8 in year
Team 4th ribbon

Round 2
Level 6-9 in year
Team 4th ribbon

Round 3
Level 5 10/11
Team 4th ribbon

Level 6 12+
North Team 2nd

Bar 6th
Beam 6th
Overall 5th

Vault 5th
Bar 4th
Floor 2nd
Overall 6th

Thanks to parents for their support, and Emily Phillips for judging.

Thanks also to Patricia Byrne for travelling to Cardiff and back in a day in the shocking weather.

And thanks to all coaches who have played a part in the girls’ journey.

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