Bella shares girls’ adventure in Ireland

Regular readers may remember we blogged about a group of girls who travelled to Ireland to train with our friends at Twisters Gymnastic Club in Derry and other gymnasts who were visiting from Itlay. Here, gymnast Bella explains more about their adventure.

The girls who travelled to Derry with Ceri and Mr Buckley

The girls who travelled to Derry with Ceri and Mr Buckley

At the airport we all said goodbye and Ceri and Mr Buckley took us through security. Luckily no one got beeped, but Amber got her shampoo checked, writes Bella.

When we got on the plane we all made sure we had sweets so our ears didn’t pop!

When we got to Derry the Irish girls and parents met us. We were all staying with another Buckley girl. I was with Millsy, Amber was staying with Elise, and Lily with Ffion.

When we got to our house we met the girls; Riley, 8, Regan, 6, and Raisha, 4. We both had some toast and went to bed ready for a busy day ahead!

When we got up we went to the gym – it was amazing! And the Italians were amazing too! After a hard day’s training we went to KFC! At 5:30pm we went back to the gym for movie night!

The next morning we had breakfast and went to the gym for another day of training. Once we had finished gym we had freestyle gymnastics – really fun.

The next morning we went to the gym again and once we had finished we went home to get ready for bowling!

Lily and Ffion went go-karting and Amber and Elise went bowling as well. When we finished we went home and to bed ready for our last day of gymnastics.

In the morning we went to the gym and we had pizza for lunch – yummy!!! When we finished gym we had freestyle gymnastics again – yay!

The next morning we all woke up ready for competing! When we got to the gym Ceri did all the Buckley girls’ hair and make-up (buns and glittery eyeliner). We all looked very pretty!

Once we had warmed up we went to our first piece which was vault. We all did nice vaults so we were ready for bar! Once we finished our bar routines we went on to beam!

We had a couple of falls (well actually maybe more than a couple!) then we went on to floor we which were all very nice, especially Millsy’s!

Once we had finished floor we all were ready for medals! Ffion got bronze. I got silver and Amber gold!

When we had finished medals people did speeches and then we got gifts from Twisters. We got a necklace, a t-shirt and fridge magnet then we went home to get ready for the Hawaiian party!

Once we got home from the Hawaiian party we went to bed to go home the next day. We got up at 5:30am to go to the airport. We got on the plane and we all made sure we had a sweet again.

I don’t know the rest because I fell asleep…

When we got off the plane me, Millsy and Elise had Subway for lunch and then we all went home after a very busy week.

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